Sunday, March 15, 2009

After Effects Problems...any advice?

I was determined to learn how to do a Zoom in/out and Earth Spin effect for a freelance project this weekend. Although I only have After Effects 6 I was able to create the Zoom out from India and Zoom in to New York City with no problem. The only issues I had was that I don't have all the plug-ins that After Effects 7 offers such as the Noise/Grain functions that allow you to make the clouds and stars. Not a huge problem, just a minor set back.

But when it came to the Earth spin, which sounds rather easy, I ran into great troubles. There is no sphere tool that I could use to create a globe. I tried to download a plug-in for this, but my After Effects rejected it. Frustrating!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Although the project has been turned down by now, I am determined to learn this feature.

Here are my Zoom in/out - complete with camera shake and rotation. (I did not Zoom all the way out to space because I thought I'd be able to do that later with the Earth spin which was never accomplished)

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