Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011 Update

Hey All -

It's been a crazy last few weeks. January started off with a bang!

I just finished up an intense DVD project for Isramerica. Here is a still of the Main Menu layout to the left. I'll post the other menus soon for you to check out.

It was a pretty challenging DVD authoring session. I don't think I've worked on a DVD with so many menus, tracks and slideshows before, but in the end it came out well. If you would like to find out more about Isramerica, please visit their website:

Thanks to Moped Productions I also picked up new client this month: Ramon Ray of I churned out about 15 videos for him this week from the 2011 CES Exhibit in Las Vegas. Look for him on youtube to see the videos.

Phew! It's been a busy few weeks with hardly and sleep, but it's been worth it. I'm heading out west for about a week for some much needed r&r. I'll see you all when I get back, and oh yea -

Happy New Year Everyone - thank you for all your support, collaborations and inspirations. Let's make sure this new year is filled with even more great work and projects.

As always - thanks for stopping by,

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