Monday, October 4, 2010

DSLR vs Prosumer Camcorder

So I'm just torn:

Do I go DSLR like the Canon 5D where I can (in theory) get the best of both worlds. Photography and beautiful HD video? But what about the Prosumer camcorders I've been working with for years? Won't I miss all the controls, the snap zooms and not having to buy expensive lens and audio equipment (ok, I will still have to buy audio equipment, but it might not be as bad with a prosumer video camera?)

I LOVE the look of videos being shot on the DSLRs right now- everything looks like film the way it has to be shot, which, if done right can have a relly cool end result. Is this where digital video is moving towards stylistically? Is this the look clients are looking for right now?

Also the price difference is shocking.

Honestly, I need to have a little more experience shooting on the new DSLRs before I can form a full opinion, so I guess I'm just wondering what you all think?

I also have the feeling that Sony and Panasonic should be putting out some competitors for the Canons soon, so is it just a terrible time to buy right now?

I like the discussion going on here: check it out

Ok, so here's an even better question - Will pro videographers legitimately be able to shoot projects on their iPhones? haha, I think so.

As always, thanks for stopping by, would love to hear some of your opinions....

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  1. I know some people using Iphones for movies. It's insane.

    I'm no professional. But the Nikon D3100 seemed to have all the perks for me. DSLR quality for shooting stills of my work and HD video capabilities for doing my video blog - plus with the auto focus featured added it's awesome. I've yet to totally dive in but I'm happy with the results thus far.

    I can't wait to learn more. I need to come up and spend time with you and my camera so we can learn together and make some fun shorts!