Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!!!

The Freelancer's Union posted this article on their Facebook account recently, which I found interesting from Metro: check it out. It talks about the growing, young, Brooklyn Freelance community, which I am proud to be a part of.

As a Freelancer, you never know where your next paycheck may be coming from or when your next gig may be. A lot of young professionals out there are juggling multiple part-time and freelance jobs just to get by. I for one, have a part-time weekend job, which I decided to take up right before the holidays, just for a little stability in life. I'm lucky enough to have a part-timer that I love and where I enjoy what I do.

I'm also lucky enough to have just started working regularly with 5-time Emmy Award winning Make-Up Artist: Eve Pearl. No, I'm not doing make-up applications, but I am learning a little about the process as I create videos for her website and youtube account. Next week I will be joining Eve and her Team at IBS at the Jacob Javvitt's center in NYC. I'm looking forward to capturing all the moments on camera and seeing Eve work her magic.

I also just helped to celebrate Moped Production's (one of my favorite clients) 3rd Anniversary, and have also been working there a lot editing home tours and wedding packages for The Nest and The Knot. Very fun work.

During these two weeks of non-stop work, I managed to also squeeze in time to work with another favorite client, Isramerica, and just finished a video for them two nights ago after a very late night edit. Look for it soon to be posted on their website and of course, on my blog.

Now, I know I promised a new reel to be coming soon. And it will be. In fact, I'm hoping for it to be posted by the end of this week. Come back soon to check it out!

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