Friday, April 3, 2009

Lyric Chyron Operation

This week I continued my journey for education and knowledge by completing the Lyric 7 Pro advanced class at Chyron headquarters on Long Island. It was a good follow up class to the basic course and I am now a certified Lyric Chyron Operator.

The new Lyric 7 Pro has a lot of new features and functions compared to the past models, most of which are open up a whole new way of thinking and user ability. Just a few of the new features are the multiple timeline set up, the XMI updatability metadata integration with Adobe, adaptable primitive geometry plug-ins, and advanced levels of 3-D.

I definitely recommend the basic course to anyone familiar with Lyric 5 or 6. There's so many new functions that the advanced course could be confusing to anyone not having taken the basic first.

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